• Paralegals in Toronto

    How can a paralegal in Toronto help you in issues regarding to your landlord or tenant?

    Issues regarding landlords and tenants can be turned into complex problems, similar to other legal cases. The legal system of Small claims court in Toronto is rather difficult to navigate, Therefore seeking help from a paralegal expert can be of great value. As a landlord your goal should be to always learn all the sections of the Landlord and Tenant Act in Ontario. Even minor mistakes like filling out the eviction notice incorrectly will lead to losing your case with the tenant. It should be considered that a tenancy agreement or lease is the legal agreement between the landlord and tenant. This contract should be set carefully in order to involve both sides’ rights. It is essential for both sides to be aware of their right as well as responsibilities according to the Residential Tenancies Act (2006).

    The issues that arise in Small claims court in Toronto, tend to center on rent or rental deposits, tenant applications, repairs and maintenance, privacy and pets. The final stages of tenancies are rather tense and include cases such as unit abandonment, the need for landlords to evict and broken leases. In these cases, The Landlord and Tenant Board suggest that in the first stage, both sides of the contract should take legal advice to be notified of the probable options. Moreover since some issues can become somehow expensive in the long run, benefiting from counseling a paralegal Toronto expert seems a must in early stages.

    Paralegals in Toronto are certified to practice under the Law Society of Upper Canada which is a safeguard free for everyone. Skilled paralegals can contribute in each stage of the process, from application to appeal to eviction.



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