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    What is the difference between a Dental Bridge and Dental ?

    People who lose their teeth are faced with various treatment options, including dental implants, dental bridges, and dentures. In the tooth bridge, the main point is the health of the side teeth next to the lost tooth. The side teeth are shaved, and a triple crown is designed for the teeth. This way, the teeth that have been shaved will support the bridge and will be the missing base of the teeth.

    Tooth Bridge is a quick procedure without the need for surgery and will be completed in two to three treatment sessions. Since the tooth bridge has no mechanical relationship with the gum and bone, it is evident that the bone in the area will gradually become dissolved and cause problems. This will reduce the life of the tooth bridge, increase health problems, weaken side teeth, and increase the risk of caries. However, in dental implants there is no bone erosion. The base of the implant replaces the root of the tooth; all of the pressure which results from chewing will enter the bone. It is used as a natural tooth for a person and supports the tooth appearance and chewing operations much better. It should be noted that teeth whitening treatment can be performed on your dental implants.

    What is a Surgical Guide?

    One of the new tools of dental science is the use of surgical guides that will be used in most operations. For the handling of Surgical Guide, the molding and 3D images of the patient's mouth will be used to provide the appropriate mold. Periodontist enters the required information from the patient's jaw anatomy in software and the lab makes the desired piece. Once prepared, it will be used during surgery. The surgical guide will increase accuracy and reduce surgical time.

    Is Dental Implantation Painful?

    Pain tolerance varies in different patients. Many patients had a dream of great pain, but after dental implantation, they realize that they do not have much pain. Local anesthesia accompanies the implantation process so the patient will not feel pain. Various surgical instruments are used in the treatment process, and a sterile environment reduces the risk of infection. Post-operative instructions are important, and if your emergency dentist prescribed antibiotics or painkillers, you should use them to minimize pain or disease. Some patients do not take any medication because they have any pain.

    What is the Material of Tooth Crown?

    Tooth crowns will be divided into two categories: PFM crowns and Zirconia crowns. Because the bottom of the PFM crowns is metal, the gums may become black after a short period of implantation. Zirconia crowns differ, and the base is ceramic. As a result, they are similar to natural teeth, and the gums will not be harmed. The cost of zirconia crowns is higher than PFM crowns. The quality level of these two crowns is similar to each other, and depending on the dentist's diagnosis and the conditions of the patient, one of them will be used.



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